Why create a communication solution with patients if the best one already exists?

Communicate with your patients easily using new, innovative digital tools and apps powered by AI

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Communication plays a crucial role for healthcare centers all around the globe. Efficient communication solutions with patients are something that each health clinic strives for. However, what if the best, most effective solution already exists? In this article, we will examine the benefits and advantages of utilizing powerful AI and digital apps and tools to communicate with patients. Let's take a closer look.

The importance of effective communication with patients

Communication is key when dealing with patients. Allowing them to receive information in a timely manner will greatly enhance their healthcare journey and will help your clinic establish not a good reputation but a status of a reliable and responsible clinic. Therefore, clinics around the world are trying to utilize different tools to maximize their outreach and further enhance their communication with patients. Nowadays, people are used to being able to communicate seamlessly, from the comfort of their own homes, using various different devices such as tablets, phones, laptops, and so on. When it comes to healthcare clinics, patients also expect to initiate contact with their doctors easily and stress-free.

Although there are different ways of establishing and maintaining communication with patients, not all of them are effective. However, what if there are already perfect solutions for not only being able to communicate with patients quickly but also effectively? The constant development of technology and digital tools around us have enabled health clinics to utilize these new ways of communication with patients. Namely, conversational AI or a proprietary natural language processing engine built 100% to manage health interactions, such as Patricia™, has enabled clinics to communicate efficiently with their patients in new ways.

Disregard call centers - Utilize the power of AI

Call centers have been used as the most basic means of communication with patients for a long time. However, many patients all around the globe, feel that communication with their designated health clinics using call centers is not effective and can be quite confusing and frustrating. There are many reasons for this. To name a few, call centers have limited work hours. Moreover, they have limited agents as well. This means that the waiting times are sometimes extremely long. On top of that, patients often experience being switched from one agent to another. Ultimately, they do not feel satisfied with the information they receive and may not even get the needed information on time.

AI, on the other hand, does not have these problems. Using conversation AI, patients can experience seamless and clear communication that happens instantly, using various digital apps and tools. Furthermore, AI can help patients get the exact information they need quickly and efficiently. Additionally, AI does not have limited work hours like call centers, front office desks, and agents. Most importantly, a powerful natural processing engine that is focused 100% on human interaction and communication with patients can perform numerous different tasks and conversations at the same time. This can truly lower the workload put on a clinic and its doctors. Furthermore, it is extremely cost-effective.

How conversational AI establishes and maintains communication with patients

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to using conversational AI in healthcare. However, how exactly does it establish communication and why is it so effective and maintaining it? To begin with, it is a good idea to briefly explain conversation AI. As mentioned above it consists of a powerful natural language processing engine, which means that it focuses on regular, human conversation. It can be trained with numerous cases such as Patricia who has been trained with more than 80 million cases. In addition to this, AI can be taught to communicate in numerous different languages efficiently and completely naturally. Patients will feel as if they are talking to a regular person. This is because conversational AI constantly learns from each communication and has the ability to establish a regular human conversation that interprets various sentences, questions, slang, and so on. This is something regular chatbots cannot accomplish as they have limited answers to a given set of questions.

Perhaps one of AI's biggest advantages is being able to approach each patient differently. As AI learns from each conversation, it builds a better relationship with each patient. It can approach each patient differently based on what he or she likes or dislikes. AI communicates with patients using digital channels and platforms established by the health clinic. It can, of course, perform other administrative tasks as well which greatly enhances the clinic's work efficiency. This kind of AI is able to utilize different channels of communication and can deliver timely information to patients who receive it anywhere when needed. Furthermore, patients will be able to get in touch with your clinic through these digital means from the comfort of their own homes. Greater predictability, easier scheduling and appointment making, faster communication, and better reach are all possible when using AI and new, innovative digital tools and apps for communication with patients.

Communicate with your patients quickly and efficiently using breakthrough AI technology

To sum up, everything that we have said so far, AI and the world of technology around us are constantly in development. New research and progress have enabled more efficient communication with patients when using digital tools and AI. Your patients will be more satisfied, there is no longer the need for call centers, and your clinic's outreach will be greater than ever.

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