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Gathering important information about the way your healthcare clinic works and operates is extremely important. If you want to establish efficiency, you need to know and understand all of the main indicators that come from your channels. In this article, we are going to cover the …

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Increase your medical offer without hiring additional medical personnel

Increasing the effectiveness of your healthcare services

AI Predictive Overbooking

Expanding your healthcare practice is probably one of your top priorities alongside patient satisfaction. Quality services and easier reachability are crucial for the development of any healthcare practice. Increasing the effectiveness and reach of your health clinic does not have to mean adding more staff members and additional costs. In …

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More and more patients satisfied

Increasing patient satisfaction in healthcare

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Patients are not ordinary clients. Their satisfaction is crucial and their healthcare journey needs to be stress-free and relaxing. Therefore, each healthcare clinic has one primary goal in mind: get more and more patients satisfied. How exactly can they achieve this? Well, we are going to talk …

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Save money and achieve more patients

Cost-saving in healthcare

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To have an expanding healthcare system, you need more patients. However, at the same time, saving money is also crucial. In the world of healthcare, new and quite innovative means of technology are being implemented to make communication with patients faster and easier. Faster communication means …

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New ways to achieve more patients

Attracting more patients to your practice

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A key to establishing a successful and trustworthy healthcare practice is more patients. More patients mean more reliable healthcare services. Therefore, in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the new ways to achieve more patients for your healthcare practice. We are going …

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We need to talk with a person! How systems with AI can solve it

Conversational AI

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Talking with your patients and maintaining relationships with your patients are going to be one of your top priorities when it comes to healthcare service delivery. A conversation that is quick, filled with valuable information, and easy to access is going to be a huge advantage. Chatbots …

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Don't wear yourself out talking to a chatbot

Chatbot vs Conversational AI

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Communication is crucial when it comes to delivering better healthcare services and journeys for patients. Nowadays, digitalization is slowly becoming more and more popular withing healthcare services providers around the world. Communication with patients is one thing that has been greatly impacted by this. Namely, the way …

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Implementing an overbooking service in healthcare

Overbooking in healthcare

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The issue of increased patient numbers started even before the global pandemic. However, once the pandemic hit, it truly showed how overbooking can quickly become a huge problem. A large number of patients all trying to get an appointment at one clinic is going to cause a lot …

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Why call centers are disliked by patients

The downsides of call centers in healthcare

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Call centers have been widely used in the field of healthcare for quite a long time. However, although they are used extensively, patients around the world have reported negative connotations and overall, generally dislike call centers. Why is this the case exactly and how can you improve …

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The revolution of the use of AI in Healthcare

The use of AI in healthcare

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AI is being used more and more in the field of healthcare all around the world. Although its usage is getting increased, there are still areas in which AI can improve and further develop. In this article, we are going to take a look at the revolution …

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