Why are call centers synonymous with bad customer service?

Why the majority of patients dislike call centers

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Call centers are used widely around the world and have become the number one customer support channel. They are more popular than other channels such as e-mails or live chat. However, call centers are often synonymous with bad customer service. Why is this the case exactly …

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Why chatbots are a bad idea

Regular chatbots vs advanced AI in healthcare

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Chatbots have long become popular throughout the world. They are conversational platforms powered by AI. Over the last decade, they have been implemented in various customer relationships including healthcare. However, although they can provide tireless, constant source of interaction for patients, regular chatbots in healthcare …

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Changing traditional channels to be more effective

Introducing new tools to increase your clinic's effectiveness

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Most industries including healthcare have long used standard, traditional means, and channels of communication. Furthermore, a lot of clinics, all over the world have standard, frequently used ways of scheduling appointments and communicating with patients. However, changing some traditional channels can greatly help your clinic become more effective …

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Take care of your patients at every stage of their life

Take care of your patients through innovative preventive campaigns for health like Breast Cancer, Prostatic cancer, etc.

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Forming preventive campaigns for health can significantly benefit your patients. Sometimes, due to various different reasons, regular check-ups and appointments are needed to keep the health issue under control. Using a digital way of reminding patients to attend these appointments can be very efficient. In this article …

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Dialoguing with a virtual health assistant

Virtual health assistant in communication with patients

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New developments in technology and healthcare allow virtual health assistants to communicate with patients in a more advanced manner. In this article, we are going to go over the process of dialoguing with a virtual health assistant. We will mention all of the important aspects of virtual health …

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Tools that help your clinic be more effective

Digital tools to increase the effectiveness of your clinic

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The effectiveness of your clinic can be measured by the satisfaction of your patients, the reachability of your services, as well as the overall communication level with your patients. Clinics around the world are constantly looking to improve and increase the effectiveness of their services. How can …

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How to humanize contact with patients using AI

Communicating with patients using AI

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It is often said that good and efficient communication is the key to patients' happiness. So, healthcare centers around the world are trying to maximize the efficiency of their communication with patients using new, more innovative means and solutions. One such solution is the use of conversational …

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Results of your activity in one click

Eniax Analytics

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Gathering important information about the way your healthcare clinic works and operates is extremely important. If you want to establish efficiency, you need to know and understand all of the main indicators that come from your channels. In this article, we are going to cover the …

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Digital tools to encourage patients to attend their controls

Digitial tools of healthcare

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Although the world of digital healthcare existed long before the current pandemic, it was really around 2020 when it truly started being used worldwide. Different technologies have been proved to be effective in both doctor-patient communication and overall, in managing the health of a patient. Various digital …

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What triggers outstanding patient management?

Managing patients


Patient care management is a very broad term that encompasses many different components. However, the main goal and the primary aim of good management with the patients is to deliver the best possible healthcare. Effective care management with patients is not easy. It takes a lot of work …

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