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Gathering important information about the way your healthcare clinic works and operates is extremely important. If you want to establish efficiency, you need to know and understand all of the main indicators that come from your channels. In this article, we are going to cover the importance of analytics and how you can access all the results of your activity in one click. With the use of new and innovative digital tools, this is now possible. Let's take a look.

The importance of analytics

Managing all of your channels and operations is only possible if you receive the right data and know what you are dealing with exactly. Having an online tool that allows you to view the management and all of the channels that participate in your mix is crucial. Considering the rapid development of technology, everywhere around us, it should come as no surprise that more and more clinics are moving towards digitalization. With the increase of digital and online services, clinics now also receive new data and information. Therefore, it is important to get the proper analytics of your operations and channels so that you can improve and act on time if something is not right.

There can be countless reasons why certain delays, waiting times, canceled appointments, and so on happen. All of these things can impact your healthcare clinic, delivery of your services, as well as the satisfaction of your customers. Therefore, it is important that you have a certain form of analytics that will help you with your internal management as well as the management of these outside factors.

Access new indicators resulting from the management process

With the development of technology, new, innovative, digital tools are being used to monitor and access various data and indicators of your healthcare clinic. Innovative solutions for healthcare service providers, such as a digital, online tool Eniax Analytics by Eniax, considers 100% data consistency. This tool allows for not only visibility of Eniax's management, but also that of all the channels that participate in your mix.

It allows access to new indicators resulting from the management process. For example, effective contact ability. How and where can contact ability be improved as well as the accurate data related to it can be obtained and observed. Furthermore, classification of the reasons for not sending, performance according to the scheduling channel, the opening of absenteeism (confirmed and unconfirmed), among others.

Analytics for medical cancellation(historical and future)

Medical cancellations, or colloquially, no-shows, present a big problem for any healthcare services system. 20% of patients do not go to their doctor's office. This can be due to forgetting about the appointment, or other reasons that prevented these patients from coming. However, every no-show can create additional problems. For example, they can impact the delivery of healthcare services, create inefficiencies, care problems, and long waiting lists. Eniax uses artificial intelligence to improve the conversion of healthcare services. In addition to this, using digital tools operated by powerful, machine-learning AI, delivers timely information to the patient and reduces calls from the center.

Using Eniax Analytics for the medical cancellation service, you will have greater identification (historical and future) and opening by type of shift (medical, telemedicine, exams). So, whether you need to look at the cancellation of medical appointments, follow-ups, or telemedicine, you can clearly access and see the analytics related to each of these separately.

In the case of a waiting list, follow-up, management, and traceability, these analytics will help you with identifying the reason why it was made. Analytics also help you with greater control of results opened by a channel. Additionally, with this analytic tool, you can clearly see the *visibility of future management for better planning of reinforcement with other channels. *

With Eniax Analytics, greater control and monitoring of failures and/or errors can be obtained, making it possible to see online possible information delivery failures of your APIs and with the possibility of reviewing the classification of any error or leak in the process for the implementation of continuous improvements. The most important aspect of this tool is that you will have it ready and available on your phone or other devices, and with a single click you can access the analytics you need to improve your management or other areas.

Innovation and technology pave the way for a better and more efficient healthcare system

So, as we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, technology is constantly developing and is also more and more involved in the healthcare process in the form of various digital tools and services. AI is a powerful tool that is being utilized extensively to help increase patient satisfaction, improve various aspects of healthcare systems such as scheduling, contact ability, healthcare services access, and so on. Recently, AI has started being utilized as a complete replacement for call centers and the positive results are already showing.

However, finding ways to improve and increase the efficiency of the delivery of your healthcare services, appointment scheduling, as well as contact with patients, is extremely important. This is where Eniax Analytics comes into plan. As you can see, with this online tool, you can easily and quickly assess the particular analytics you need to improve the efficiency of your work. Analytics help you improve your work and with it, secure more patients that are satisfied. When you utilize this tool, you can see which areas need improvement, how to position internal management solutions properly, as well as which area requires the most of your attention. All of this later helps patients have a more enjoyable and relaxing healthcare journey.

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