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Communicate with your patients efficiently with the use of AI

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Being efficient and timely in conversations with patients is crucial. Losing time can be very costly and your patients might feel dissatisfied. Therefore, clinics all around the globe are constantly looking to improve their communication with patients and make it more efficient. In this article, we will show you how you can achieve exactly that using breakthrough AI technology such as Patricia. Let's examine how Patricia can save you time and money as well as help you improve and maintain your communication with patients.

AI and communication with patients - How Patricia works differently

Forming a conversation with patients using AI is not all that new. Chatbots have been utilized in many different branches including healthcare. However, there are a few key differences between a regular chatbot and AI, powered by a natural language processing engine such as Patricia. Namely, Patricia is a conversational AI that focuses 100% on humans, that is, patient interaction and healthcare. Furthermore, Patricia a proprietary natural language processing engine and has numerous abilities that allow it to converse with patients in a completely natural, human-like way. Patients will feel as if they are talking to a real person when communicating with Patricia.

Patricia vs chatbots

When comparing conversational AI to a regular chatbot, it is important to note a few key differences, as we have mentioned above. For starters, chatbots have a limited number of functions, or rather, a limited number of responses according to which they operate. So, a chatbot can provide a rigid answer to a few sets of questions previously installed. However, anything outside of that is completely shut down and chatbots cannot maintain conversations or improve their answers or even give those same answers in a more detailed manner. Therefore, a patient knows they are talking to a chatbot and a conversation is very one-sided and almost feels like a FAQ.

The real use of conversational AI is very rare, especially in the world of healthcare. However, with Patricia, this all changes. Patricia, as a conversational AI, or a natural processing engine that has the ability to learn and expand as well as to adapt to each conversation differently, can greatly enhance the patient's experience and give various different answers, in a different manner while continuously maintaining dialogue with patients. Furthermore, chatbots do not have the ability to update calendars, and agendas, remind patients of their upcoming appointments, and so on. Patricia can communicate with multiple patients at once while also performing other administrative tasks.

Communication is crucial when it comes to healthcare. More than 80% of communication with patients can be done automatically using AI. Furthermore, patients will receive the required information in a timely manner when they converse with a conversational AI. Now let us take a look at how Patricia works more efficiently and makes call centers redundant.

Patricia vs call centers - Why AI works better and benefits clinics

Call centers have been used for a long time as means of communication, especially in the world of healthcare. However, although upgraded, over the years, call centers have truly become disliked by many. This also goes for patients as well. What are some of the key differences between giving information through call centers and using AI such as Patricia? Well, to begin with, Patricia works 24/7 while a call center does not. Each patient can instantly communicate with Patricia from the comfort of their own home and receive the required information on time. Call centers rely on agents. However, agents are usually not well-trained and understaffed. This often leads to patients being switched from one agent to another as well as patients being frustrated overall by the entire process. At the end of the day, most patients will report that they did not receive all of the information they needed when using call centers.

Call centers are without a doubt, expensive. They are expensive to set up and maintain. Additionally, the training required for agents is also long and expensive. All of this can be avoided using new, innovative digital technologies to communicate with your patients. Patricia enables you to utilize the full power of conversation AI fully focused on health interactions with patients. Perhaps the biggest advantage over call centers and their agents is Patricia's ability to communicate with each patient differently depending on what he or she likes or dislikes. AI can provide higher patient satisfaction simply by being able to constantly learn and develop through each interaction. Of course, another key advantage of AI such as Patricia is its ability to instantly provide the required information about the patient's appointments, medicine, schedule, doctor's agenda, and so on.

Utilize AI for your clinic and improve communication with patients

So, in a quick summary, AI such as Patricia can greatly benefit your clinic and improve your communication with patients. As you can see, the downsides of using regular chatbots or even call centers are many. Namely, patient satisfaction suffers the most. With conversation AI, however, this changes. AI such as Patricia is a natural language processing engine that learns, develops, and approaches each patient differently. Most importantly Patricia can form a completely natural conversation with patients and give all of the needed information right away. In addition to this, patients can communicate with Patricia at all times and from anywhere. Finally, Patricia can greatly enhance clinic's ability to maintain and do administrative work by rescheduling and scheduling appointments, confirming appointments, updating agendas, and so much more.

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