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Communicate with your patients efficiently with the use of AI

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Being efficient and timely in conversations with patients is crucial. Losing time can be very costly and your patients might feel dissatisfied. Therefore, clinics all around the globe are constantly looking to improve their communication with patients and make it more efficient. In this article, we will …

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Digital tools to encourage patients to attend their controls

Digitial tools of healthcare

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Although the world of digital healthcare existed long before the current pandemic, it was really around 2020 when it truly started being used worldwide. Different technologies have been proved to be effective in both doctor-patient communication and overall, in managing the health of a patient. Various digital …

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Pandemic and chronic patients. Does their condition worsen?

The effects of the pandemic on chronic patients.

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The Covid 19 pandemic has enormously impacted the world in 2020 and the overall health care. It caused significant personal and societal losses. Considering the large number of people affected, the question that immediately arose was whether patients already in treatment and with chronic diseases got …

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Telemedicine and lack of direct contact with the patient

Exploring the features of telemedicine

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Telemedicine technology is relatively new. However, it is widely used already throughout the world. According to a survey performed by Software advice, around 75% of the survey respondents were interested in trying out telemedicine. This includes both doctors and patients. Telemedicine is popular and famous …

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Telemedicine: Evolution from the beginning of the pandemic to the present day

How Telemedicine changed

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Throughout history, every major health crisis has impacted the global health system and created certain changes in the ways things work. Today, the Covid 19 pandemic is also changing the world of medicine and health care. Telemedicine has been present for some time now. However, with the current global pandemic …

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The pros and cons of Telemedicine

Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine

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Telemedicine today is changing faster than ever before. While it was originally designed to treat patients who were located in remote places far from local health care facilities, nowadays, it has greatly expanded this role. Telemedicine is increasingly becoming a powerful and very useful tool for …

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What after the pandemic? Is an influx of patients expected?

Potential influx of patients after the pandemic

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The global pandemic that took the world by surprise in 2020 is continuing today. There is a very realistic expectation that the global vaccination effort will bring the pandemic under the control. However, there are quite a lot of uncertainties about the long-term effects of the …

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What triggers outstanding patient management?

Managing patients


Patient care management is a very broad term that encompasses many different components. However, the main goal and the primary aim of good management with the patients is to deliver the best possible healthcare. Effective care management with patients is not easy. It takes a lot of work …

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Take care of your patients at every stage of their life

Take care of your patients through innovative preventive campaigns for health like Breast Cancer, Prostatic cancer, etc.

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Forming preventive campaigns for health can significantly benefit your patients. Sometimes, due to various different reasons, regular check-ups and appointments are needed to keep the health issue under control. Using a digital way of reminding patients to attend these appointments can be very efficient. In this article …

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Why create a communication solution with patients if the best one already exists?

Communicate with your patients easily using new, innovative digital tools and apps powered by AI

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Communication plays a crucial role for healthcare centers all around the globe. Efficient communication solutions with patients are something that each health clinic strives for. However, what if the best, most effective solution already exists? In this article, we will examine the benefits and advantages of utilizing …

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