Why are call centers synonymous with bad customer service?

Why the majority of patients dislike call centers

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Call centers are used widely around the world and have become the number one customer support channel. They are more popular than other channels such as e-mails or live chat. However, call centers are often synonymous with bad customer service. Why is this the case exactly …

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Why chatbots are a bad idea

Regular chatbots vs advanced AI in healthcare

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Chatbots have long become popular throughout the world. They are conversational platforms powered by AI. Over the last decade, they have been implemented in various customer relationships including healthcare. However, although they can provide tireless, constant source of interaction for patients, regular chatbots in healthcare …

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Reminders vs efficient appointment management

How reminders differ from appointment confirmations

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Managing appointments efficiently is one of the top trademarks of a well-organized and effective health clinic. If patients get their appointments on time and easily, as well as attend them, clinics are able to work efficiently and smoothly. In this article, we are going to take a …

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Digital transformation vs senior patients

Healthcare digitalization and senior patients

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If a health clinic were to engage patients efficiently in their healthcare journey, patients need to be not only well-informed but also informed on time. However, there have been some common misconsceptions when it comes to senior patients using newer methods of communication such as WhatsApp …

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A profitable engagement at lower cost

Interact with your patients efficiently using cost-effective digital tools and services

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In the world of healthcare, interaction with patients is extremely important. However, as the patient number increases, health clinics around the world have started looking for a more profitable engagement with their patients. In this article, we are going to explain why it is wise to …

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Think big and improve appointment management

Improve appointment management by thinking outside the box and keeping track of your patients

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Managing appointments is one of the most crucial aspects in the world of healthcare. Health clicnics around the world are always looking for ways to improve their appointment management and increase the number of patients. However, in order to achieve this, health clinics have to start …

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Changing traditional channels to be more effective

Introducing new tools to increase your clinic's effectiveness

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Most industries including healthcare have long used standard, traditional means, and channels of communication. Furthermore, a lot of clinics, all over the world have standard, frequently used ways of scheduling appointments and communicating with patients. However, changing some traditional channels can greatly help your clinic become more effective …

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Reinvent your care model and leave paradigms behind

Change the way you communicate with your patients using brand-new, innovative digital technologies

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Old paradigms and care models can hold back the work and efficiency of your clinic. To increase your patient outreach as well as patient satisfaction and communication, you need to focus on reinventing your care model with new, innovative ways in the form of digital tools and …

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Don´t lose time, let Patricia work

Communicate with your patients efficiently with the use of AI

person using laptop computer

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Being efficient and timely in conversations with patients is crucial. Losing time can be very costly and your patients might feel dissatisfied. Therefore, clinics all around the globe are constantly looking to improve their communication with patients and make it more efficient. In this article, we will …

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Take care of your patients at every stage of their life

Take care of your patients through innovative preventive campaigns for health like Breast Cancer, Prostatic cancer, etc.

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Forming preventive campaigns for health can significantly benefit your patients. Sometimes, due to various different reasons, regular check-ups and appointments are needed to keep the health issue under control. Using a digital way of reminding patients to attend these appointments can be very efficient. In this article …

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