mar 26 abril 2022
Changing traditional channels to be more effective
dom 24 abril 2022
Reinvent your care model and leave paradigms behind
sáb 23 abril 2022
Don´t lose time, let Patricia work
lun 18 abril 2022
Take care of your patients at every stage of their life
sáb 16 abril 2022
Why create a communication solution with patients if the best one already exists?
lun 11 abril 2022
Dialoguing with a virtual health assistant
sáb 09 abril 2022
Tools that help your clinic be more effective
vie 08 abril 2022
How to humanize contact with patients using AI
mié 30 marzo 2022
Results of your activity in one click
mar 22 marzo 2022
Digital tools to encourage patients to attend their controls
mar 22 marzo 2022
Pandemic and chronic patients. Does their condition worsen?
mar 22 marzo 2022
Telemedicine and lack of direct contact with the patient
mar 22 marzo 2022
Telemedicine: Evolution from the beginning of the pandemic to the present day
mar 22 marzo 2022
The pros and cons of Telemedicine
mar 22 marzo 2022
What after the pandemic? Is an influx of patients expected?
mar 22 marzo 2022
What triggers outstanding patient management?
mar 22 marzo 2022
Increase your medical offer without hiring additional medical personnel
sáb 12 marzo 2022
More and more patients satisfied
vie 04 marzo 2022
Save money and achieve more patients
mié 02 marzo 2022
Better communication with patients? It's possible with AI
sáb 26 febrero 2022
New ways to achieve more patients
mié 23 febrero 2022
We need to talk with a person! How systems with AI can solve it
vie 18 febrero 2022
Don't wear yourself out talking to a chatbot
mié 16 febrero 2022
Implementing an overbooking service in healthcare
jue 10 febrero 2022
Why call centers are disliked by patients
mié 09 febrero 2022
No more call centers - Adopt new ways to talk with your patients
dom 06 febrero 2022
The revolution of the use of AI in Healthcare
sáb 29 enero 2022
Is AI a good solution for healthcare?
dom 23 enero 2022
How a proactive system can inform patients quickly about medical cancellations and don´t lose them
jue 20 enero 2022
Overbooking, how to manage it in healthcare
vie 14 enero 2022
Digital platforms for booking medical appointments
mié 12 enero 2022
Why reminders help your patients
dom 09 enero 2022
How AI contributes to knowing your patients
jue 06 enero 2022
Digital contact instead human contact
lun 03 enero 2022
Differences between a call and a virtual contact
mié 29 diciembre 2021
Virtual assistant vs chatbot and benefits for health care
mié 29 diciembre 2021
The importance of dialogue in each contact with patients
lun 20 diciembre 2021
How to improve the relationship with your patients
lun 13 diciembre 2021
How AI can improve communication with patients
dom 05 diciembre 2021
The benefits of digitizing patient contact
dom 28 noviembre 2021
On demand for specialty consultations, exams and procedures
dom 07 noviembre 2021
Why its important for doctors to have an insight into their schedules
dom 07 noviembre 2021
How to reduce the waiting list
sáb 30 octubre 2021
How to reach patients without spamming
vie 29 octubre 2021
Trends in contact with patients
sáb 23 octubre 2021
How to facilitate a timely diagnosis
sáb 23 octubre 2021
What is digitalizing contact with patients?

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