A profitable engagement at lower cost

Interact with your patients efficiently using cost-effective digital tools and services

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In the world of healthcare, interaction with patients is extremely important. However, as the patient number increases, health clinics around the world have started looking for a more profitable engagement with their patients. In this article, we are going to explain why it is wise to leave old, traditional channels and means of communication with patients and how you can engage and interact with your patients more efficiently and cost-effectively by utilizing new, digital tools and services that are now available.

Traditional channels of communication are ineffective and expensive

Before we go further into explaining the new digital tools and services, we should explain why old, traditional engagement tools, means, and channels are simply inefficient. To begin with, one of the most common ways of patients getting in touch with their health clinics is through call centers or front-desk offices operated by agents. Over the years, call centers have gained a notorious reputation, especially in the world of healthcare. Why is this the case exactly?

Call centers require a large number of workers, equipment of all sorts, as well as trained agents in order to be fully-operational. All of this costs a lot of money. Therefore, the process of setting up a call center is in itself, an expensive endeavour. Furthermore, agents working at a call center have to be properly trained. The process of training an agent takes time and costs a lot of money.

Agents themselves can sometimes leave their workplace in a call center after working in it for only a few weeks. This forces the clinic to look for other agents and go through the training process again. Overall, agents working at call centers are, because of all of the other costs related to call centers, not paid a lot and therefore, they do not feel as if they can improve, progress, and make more money. This also leads agents to leave their positions after only a few weeks of working. The process of constantly hiring new agents can lead to them being improperly trained.

Call centers are disliked by patients

In addition to being expensive, call centers are usually desliked by a vast majority of patients. For starters, call centers cannot work 24/7. They are operated by agents who, if not properly trained, will not be able to provide patients with the right and timely information. This can leave patients frustrated. In addition to this, it is not rare that a patient who goes through a call center is forced to switch from one agent to another until they can finally get the information they require for the needs of their healthcare journey.

As we can see, call centers are common. However, this does not mean that they are cost-effective. There are better ways of engaging with patients which health clinics, around the world can use. Let's take a closer look.

Use profitable engagement tools and services with Eniax

Our team at Eniax has worked hard to find the most effective and efficient tools to engage with patients, regardless of the location, that are also profitable. For starters, the use of AI in the world of healthcare is not new, but is becoming increasingly more popular and advanced. Eniax offers a conversational AI, a natural language processing engine, fully built to focus on healthcare interactions and patients.

This type of Ai can communicate with patients naturally and can form conversations that are fully-fleshed and feel natural. Patients will be able to engage with their health clinics using this kind of AI at any time and from the comfort of their own homes.

Efficient and timely communication with patients is crucial. With a natural processing engine such as Patricia™, you do not lose time and your patients can engage with your clinic in a timely, and effective manner, obtaining all of the information they need, such as appoointments, schedulling, and so on, instantly using digital tools and services.

As opposed to call centers, this AI can work 24/7 and engage with multiple patients at the same time. Furthermore, the percentage and margin of error is almost non-existant, as AI constantly learns and cannot make the same mistake again. This kind of AI learns from each interaction and has the ability to approach each patient differently. Therefore, it is profitable engagement tool as it does not have to be constantly trained like a new agent working at a call center would be.

Patients would communicate with their health clinic using digital channels and means of communication such as their own phones, laptops, etc. instead of engaging through traditional channels which are not only disliked by patients, but also very expensive to maintain and operate.

Eniax can improve clinic's effectivness by also offering innovative digital services aimed at effeciently managing doctor's agenda, waiting list, appointments, campaings, and overall patient's healthcare journey.

A profitable engagement with patients at a lower cost is possible with innovative tools and services

So, to sum up, one of the main goals of health clinics around the world is achieving more patients but also being more cost-effective at the same time. With old, traditional channels and means of communication with patients such as call centers this is not really possible. However, utilizing the full potential of powerful new tools and AI technologies, clinics and patients can enjoy a smooth and seamless communication that is instant and accurate. Furthermore, clinics will be able to save money by not being forces to set up training programms for new agents, setting up new and expensive call center equipment, providing the necessary space for it, and so on.

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