How Eniax manages to keep a patient informed and committed to their treatment and consultations

Informing patients with NLP AI

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The ways in which clinics are engaging patients and informing them about their healthcare journey are being revolutionized with the use of natural language processing AI such as Patricia provided by Eniax. Eniax uses several advantages brought by Patricia which allow clinics to actively and effectively inform …

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What aspects of the management of a medical center benefit the most from Eniax's technology?

AI technology and its benefits for healthcare centers

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While there are numerous benefits of natural language processing AI technology such as Patricia by Eniax, there are certain aspects of the management of medical centers that benefit the most. In this article, we will examine how exactly AI impacts certain aspects of the management of medical …

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How can a patient be recognized, and what distinguishes a chatbot from an AI-powered virtual assistant designed for healthcare?

Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants

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In the healthcare sector that keeps going forward with digitalization, patient recognition as well as recognition between chatbots and virtual health assistants is crucial for personalized and effective care. Differentiating between chatbots and healthcare-focused virtual assistants relies on many different factors. Let's see some of the main …

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How can fluid, close, and decisive communication with the patient lead to better management and better rates for the medical center?

Personalized communication with patients

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In a fast-developing world of technology, communication has become instant and very fluid. Healthcare systems are also working towards enabling fluid, close, but also decisive communication where patients can easily and accurately retrieve the information they require from their healthcare professionals. To achieve this, clinics have started …

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The benefits for the medical professional and the medical offer of the health center of having Patricia by Eniax

Patricia in Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is continually introducing new and innovative solutions through digitalization and technology. Natural language processing engines such as Patricia by Eniax have started revolutionizing the ways in which health clinics communicate with patients and provide their medical offers. This has brought many improvements and solutions …

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The major differences between the personalized attention of Patricia by Eniax and a Call Center

Virtual health assistant vs call centers

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For several years patients have complained about various difficulties that they encounter when going through a call center in health. However, call centers still remain widely used by health clinics. New technologies and developments have introduced innovative solutions to many healthcare problems. AI and digitalization have allowed …

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Artificial Intelligence in Health: High-quality, personalized, decisive, and efficient care

How AI allows for a more personalized, high-quality care delivery

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Artificial intelligence or AI for short has been changing the way in which healthcare systems operate for quite some time now. With constantly progressing digitalization, new types of AI that use powerful technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), have created new possibilities for …

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How the data and statistics obtained by Eniax impact the management of the medical center

Using AI data to predict no-shows

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The use of AI in healthcare has brought many improvements and benefits. Thanks to natural language processing and machine learning technologies, AI such as Patricia created by Eniax has enormous power to collect giant amounts of data in a very short period of time. The obtained data …

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The relevance of using empathetic language to obtain better results in patient care

Empathic communication with patients and its importance

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One of the most important abilities of any healthcare professional is going to be communication skills. Efficient and natural communication that is also empathetic greatly improves the patient experience during their healthcare journey and enhances the relationship with that patient. Achieving overall better results in healthcare highly …

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The incorporation of AI-based tools and how they effectively help reduce waiting lists for medical appointments

AI-based tools in healthcare

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Healthcare systems around the world continue to face challenges such as no-shows, long waiting times, an increase in patients, and complicated scheduling procedures. In an effort to solve some of these issues, health centers are looking for new solutions that will incorporate innovative tools. AI-based tools are becoming …

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