The cost of missed medical appointment

The cost of not attending your medical appointment

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One of the main issues of the modern healthcare system is missed appointments or no-shows. These no-shows create quite a few problems for all health clinics across the globe. Waiting times, scheduling problems, as well as increased costs, are some of the major issues that missed patient …

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How do we help clinical centers to be more effective?

Achieving greater efficiency with the use of innovative technologies

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Establishing a good and trustworthy healthcare service delivery requires clinics to be effective, efficient, and reliable. How exactly do we help clinical centers to be more effective? Well, with the use of several new technologies in the form of digital services, and platforms, as well as groundbreaking …

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Recommendations to avoid failing in the implementation of AI in the management of your business

The implementation of AI in health

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There are numerous AI applications in many spheres of our lives, including healthcare services. However, proper implementation of AI is necessary when dealing with health clinics. Around 78% of large corporations in Latin America already have AI programs. The problem is, 70% of adoptions and implementations of AI …

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Artificial intelligence, a pillar for the development of health: how can we be more effective in our processes?

The development of AI in healthcare

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Artificial Intelligence or AI for short, has an enormous potential to deliver a huge leap of improvement in global productivity. It is considered a pillar of future development and holds a large impact on entire humanity and the planet similar to that of electricity and steam power …

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Adaptation of AI and security

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Adaptation and implementation of AI in various companies are happening rapidly and increasingly. Companies around the globe have realized and observed the true potential of AI, especially in the period following the global pandemic. With that said, there have been a few questions surrounding the security of data …

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Overview of the use of AI in health in America

AI in Latin America

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The use of artificial intelligence in the healthcare domain is not really a recent development or project. Back in the 1970s, some biomedical problems were tackled with the use of AI. Of course, these early AI applications were just the beginning. In this article, we will do an …

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Ethical aspects of the use of AI in Health and the role of organizations

Proper implementation of AI to avoid ethical issues and implications

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AI technologies are leading the way in terms of revolutionizing many industries including the healthcare industry. A great number of health clinics on the global scale are beginning to utilize the power of machine learning and natural language processing AI technology. However, with the implementation of AI …

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The promises and challenges of the implementation of AI in Health in Chile/World

Implementation of AI systems in healthcare

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Artificial intelligence for healthcare systems around the world presents potential solutions to a lot of different problems. However, although there are promises of solving solutions in healthcare, the implementation of AI in health not only in Chile but also around the world comes with many challenges as well …

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Artificial intelligence to optimize public health

Healthcare and AI

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During the past couple of years, almost all of the leading health systems in the world have adopted some kind of AI technology. Machine learning and natural language processing are the two most popular. AI technologies based on machine learning or NLP can greatly benefit various healthcare …

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Telemedicine: how do we contribute to more people being able to access a clinical appointment no matter where they are?

Easier access to healthcare with telemedicine

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Telemedicine has been on the rise for a while but since the global pandemic of 2020, we have seen an increase in the development and implementation of telemedicine around the world. Telemedicine has the ability to contribute to more people being able to access their clinical appointments …

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